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ITLnet Web Accelerator FAQ

Accelerator Help How much does this cost?
The price will be $4.00 per month per login user. You can discontinue the service anytime and you will only be billed monthly when the service starts.
What is Propel Accelerator?
It's the fastest Web Accelerator on the market!
If you surf the Internet using a dial-up connection, you are painfully aware of how slow Web pages load. Propel Accelerator is a subscription-based service that works with your existing dial-up connection, allowing you to dramatically increase your surfing speed. Pages that previously took almost 30 seconds to load, can now be viewed in less than 7 seconds, on average, and sometimes even faster.

Propel Accelerator is the next best thing to DSL, at a fraction of the price. Unlike costly and limited-availability broadband solutions, Propel Accelerator is:
  • Available anywhere there is a telephone line.
  • Requires NO new hardware.
  • Is easy to install -- a few clicks will download it to your PC!
  • Works seamlessly with your existing dial-up account.
  • Costs just pennies a day and gives you accelerated access to all your favorite Web sites.
  • How does it work?
    Propel Accelerator is designed to provide maximum acceleration for the Web sites you visit regularly.

    So, the more you surf, the faster your favorite pages will load!

    Specifically, Propel Accelerator speeds up the delivery of Web pages four ways:
    • Compression. Propel Accelerator delivers text and graphics more efficiently, using a proprietary compression technology that significantly reduces the size of Web pages and page elements sent to your browser.

    • Caching. Propel Accelerator improves upon your browser's caching ability. Propel intelligently retains and reuses Web pages and page elements that have previously been sent to your PC. That's why the longer Propel Accelerator is in use on your PC, the faster your Web pages will load.

    • Persistent Connections. Propel Accelerator uses proprietary techniques to carefully manage and optimize the communication between your modem and our network of servers through a persistent connection. This eliminates the time wasted re-establishing and closing TCP/IP connections. Optional Content Filtering. Propel Accelerator lets you block unsolicited content, such as pop-up ads and in page ads, which contributes to long wait times.
    How fast is it?
    Performance Boost
    With Propel Accelerator, Web pages load an average of 3 to 5 times faster. The more regularly you visit specific Web sites, the better the performance you will receive.

    Here is an example of tests we ran with and without Propel Accelerator.

    Popular Web Sites *Before Propel® *With Propel How much Faster
    with Propel?
    Ebay 11.65 seconds 2.97 seconds 3.92 X faster!
    USA Today 32.43 seconds 3.77 seconds 8.60 X faster! 30.56 seconds 5.01 seconds 6.10 X faster! 11.74 seconds 3.04 seconds 3.86 X faster!
    CNN 11.68 seconds 2.26 seconds 5.17 X faster!
    *Average time calculated based on loading the home page. First time visit to a Web page loads on average 2 times faster. Subsequent visits to the page load, on average,
    3 times faster.

    What Gets Accelerated
    Most Web content will be accelerated, but there are certain exceptions:

    What will be accelerated What will *not* be accelerated
    All text - HTML, markup, and javascript Streaming media, and audio and video files
    Most graphics & photos - including jpeg and gif images Secure pages, such as those used for online banking and credit card forms and pages accessed over VPN
    Most banner ads - including animated gif images and Macromedia Flash content Files downloaded outside your browser using ftp
    All browser-based emails
    All emails that contain images - even when read in a dedicated email program
    MP3 files, executables & other files - when downloaded from within your web browser (depending on the quality of your connection).
    Block Advertisements
    Optional Content Filtering
    Propel Accelerator lets you block unsolicited content, such as pop-up ads and in page ads, which contributes to long wait times.

    Pop-up windows
    Propel Accelerator can block pop-up and pop-under windows that clutter your screen and slow down your surfing. You'll hear a noise and/or see an icon each time a pop-up has been blocked. It's easy to see a pop-up that was blocked, to allow some pop-ups to always be shown and to turn the feature on and off.

    In-page ads
    Propel Accelerator can block most advertisements that appear on web pages. When an ad is blocked, it is replaced with a light gray box on the web page, to make sure that web pages maintain their intended design. You can easily view blocked ads by right clicking on the gray box. As with pop-up blocking, you can turn this feature on and off any time you like.
    Will Propel Accelerator work on my PC?
    Propel Accelerator has been through rigorous third-party testing* to ensure that:
    • It runs on most Microsoft® Windows-based PC systems, including virtually any PC purchased within the last 4 years
    • It does not in any way interfere with other software or applications that you use
    Please check the requirements below to make sure your PC will work successfully with Propel Accelerator!

    Propel Accelerator works with most Microsoft® Windows -based personal computers in use today, including virtually all PCs purchased within the last 4 years. See details below.

    Platforms: Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000/ME/XP (sorry, no Macintosh support yet.

    IE 5.0 or later, AOL 6 and 7, or Netscape 4.7 or later, MSN Explorer
    See special instructions for Opera and Mozilla
    Utilities: Works with many ad blockers, popup stoppers, personal firewalls, and other utilities.

    System Requirements
    Available Disk space: 25 MB
    (135 MB recommended)
    Total System memory (RAM): 32 MB
    (64 MB highly recommended)

    * Testing by E-Testing Labs:
    Our Office:
    Innovative Technology, Ltd.
    105 Carter Road
    Elk City, Oklahoma 73644
    Directions (Google Maps)
    Office Hours:
    Monday - Friday
    8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (ct)
    Closed Weekends & Major Holidays
    Local: (580) 225-1485
    Fax: (580) 243-2810
    Tech Support:
    Local: (580) 243-0030