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  • Printable DC Comics Puzzles
    3/5/2014 / Kids
    DC Comics -- Who doesn’t love puzzles? This is a great off-line activity for the kids!
  • Speakaboos
    12/11/2008 / Kids -- Parents looking to entertain their children should check out Speakaboos. The site offers up popular stor ...
  • Presidents Day
    2/18/2008 / Kids Kids -- America's presidents have represented many states, held different occupations and faced diff ...
  • BoatSafe Kids
    7/30/2005 / Kids -- Q & A for kids about boats and boating saftey. Answers to: How Do Life Jackets Work? Why a ...
  • Free Coloring Books - Just Search
    3/18/2005 / Kids
    Did you know you can use Google to keep your kids in FREE coloring books. Just type in this at Google: "Coloring ...
  • Poetry4Kids
    2/2/2005 / Kids -- a pleasant collection of poems on a variety of subjects. Created by Kenn Nesbitt, there are funny ...


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